Why You Need Notifications To Monitor Your Snapchat Views

In order to monitor the number of snapchat views on a particular snap or video, you need to turn on notifications. Without them, you may never know when an incoming message is sent. Nothing irritates on social media like a late response, especially when in need of immediate response. You are likely to lose friends because no one want a full list of non-active participants. Fast response is essential especially to companies dealing with their clients on that platform. No customer will stick on your page to wait for a response for a longer period. Notifications play a significant role in increasing your reactivity to messages sent. How do I turn them on? If you are using an Android gadget, follow this simple steps.

Go to your snapchat app to turn on the notifications. Go to your profile and scroll up. Click on the gear icon which symbolizes the settings.  Navigate to advanced settings and tap on the notification settings bar. It is here that you select your preferred notification settings. Even after setting them on and you still not receiving any, try clearing the data of snapchat in the cache on the information page. On clearing, log back into your snapchat account and start receiving notification on your snapchat views.